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Fort Worth EB-5 Regional Center

Renting a Fort Worth, Texas, EB-5 Regional Center

Developers looking to raise EB-5 capital for projects in Fort Worth neighborhoods such as Bluebonnet Place, Linwood, and Sundance Square can find what they need at EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN). Our State of Texas EB-5 regional center has coverage of the entire state, including Fort Worth.

Visit our website to discover how to rent a USCIS-approved EB5AN regional center and maximize the success of your EB-5 project in Fort Worth.

Your EB-5 project in Fort Worth can benefit when you partner with our EB5AN State of Texas EB-5 regional center.

When you rent our Fort Worth regional center, you can…

  1. Begin raising EB-5 capital expeditiously to complete your project.

Our Texas regional center has geographic coverage of the entire state, which means you can start raising EB-5 capital as soon as you become an affiliate of EB5AN. A total of 15 EB5AN Immigrant Investor Regional Centers have obtained U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) designation and can be viewed at, including our Texas regional center.

  1. Meet EB-5 program job creation requirements more easily.

Since regional center projects are allowed to count both directly and indirectly created jobs toward the EB-5 program requirement of 10 full-time jobs, projects that are affiliated with an EB5AN regional center make meeting this requirement easier. The higher job creation numbers are alluring to investors, which enables developers to raise more EB-5 capital.

  1. Become an affiliate quickly so you can start raising investment capital.

Our seasoned EB5AN State of Texas regional center team knows how to get you through the EB-5 regional center affiliation process in no time at all. We’ll collaborate with you to ascertain the amount of EB-5 capital your project can support, the number of jobs it’s likely to create, and whether it’s eligible for affiliation with our regional center in Fort Worth. We’ll complete the process promptly so you can begin raising EB-5 capital immediately.

Visit this page to get informed about the steps of EB-5 regional center rental in Fort Worth or to learn more about the benefits of affiliating your EB-5 project with an EB-5 regional center.

Just 3 weeks—that’s all the time we need to finalize your I-924 application to form a Fort Worth EB-5 regional center.

EB5AN has a long history of approved I-924 applications, including its supplementary economic, legal, and business documentation. We understand the requirements of the application as well as the USCIS adjudication process, so we’re in an excellent position to help potential regional center owners succeed. Our network’s coverage area spans over 27 states, and our USCIS-compliant business plans and economic impact studies number in the hundreds.

If you have questions about how your I-924 can gain USCIS approval speedily, contact us. You’ll have answers with in 24 hours.

Has Texas designated Fort Worth as a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)?

You can find out by viewing our Free EB-5 TEA Map. It will show the areas in Fort Worth that meet TEA qualifications based on Texas state agency standards.

By visiting our TEA Designation page, you can understand the importance of TEA designation to your EB-5 project and read about the USCIS designation process for targeted employment areas.

image 1National EB-5 Targeted Employment Area (TEA) map

Once you’ve established your Fort Worth regional center project’s location in a TEA, see How to Get a TEA Letter for detailed information about requesting a TEA letter from USCIS. You may also appreciate the official TEA letter we provide as an example and the TEA approval request supporting materials.

Our team is available to answer your questions about TEA designation at EB5 Affiliate Network,or you can call 1-800-288-9138 or e-mail at

Fort Worth is flourishing, and so is its economy.

Visitors, university students, and investors have seen that Fort Worth has a lot to offer. The Fort Worth Stockyards and Kimbell Art Museum are just two of the many attractions for tourists, and Texas Christian University educates countless American and foreign students. The city of Fort Worth has recognized the EB-5 Regional Center Program’s ability to spur economic growth and lower the unemployment level while providing immigrant investors with a viable path to US permanent residency.

Our EB5AN State of Texas EB-5 regional center is USCIS approved and has geographic coverage of Fort Worth, including Tarrant, Denton, Parker, and Wise Counties. Foreign investors who meet EB-5 program requirements are able to invest EB-5 capital in projects not only within the city limits of Fort Worth, but in the neighboring areas of Roanoke, Southlake, and Haslet.

Population and income in the state of TexasPopulation and income in the state of Texas

With over 854,000 people in the city proper and many more in the metropolitan area, Fort Worth is the 16th largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

Its population and growth rate make Fort Worth a prime candidate for development, and affiliation with an EB5 Affiliate Network is an excellent way to take part in the community’s progress. Your EB-5 project can be instrumental to lowering unemployment and contributing a positive economic impact to the city of Fort Worth.

If you’re interested in affiliating your EB-5 project with a USCIS-designated EB5AN regional center or forming a new USCIS-approved regional center, contact us today for more information.

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