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Automated EB-5 Project Subscription Agreement

About Our Automated EB-5 Project Subscription Agreement

EB5AN and Arnstein & Lehr, LLP (“Arnstein & Lehr”) have jointly developed an Automated Subscription Agreement for EB-5 regional centers that saves time and money and minimizes errors in the EB-5 project subscription process.

The Automated Subscription Agreement allows investors to efficiently complete the EB-5 project subscription agreement by entering in two (2) pages of personal data, which auto-fills fields throughout the remaining 20+ pages of the agreement, drastically reducing the time required to complete the agreement and minimizing the potential for errors.

Similar to the assumptions page of a traditional financial model, blue colored text indicates data fields that need to be entered by the investor. Entered data then automatically populates the entire agreement, easily and correctly completing all required fields. Additionally, all areas requiring signatures or initials are clearly marked with red arrows.

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Saves Time and Money and Minimizes Errors

By eliminating the need to fill out a lengthy legal document by hand, entering the same information on multiple pages with different prompts, the Automated Subscription Agreement saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors that result in a costly back-and-forth between the regional center, the agent or broker, and the EB-5 investor.

Jointly developed with Arnstein & Lehr, the Automated Subscription Agreement was created by coding and reprogramming all of the required forms in a traditional EB-5 subscription agreement while fully integrating the NES Financial Subscriber Worksheet as well as current copies of IRS Forms W-8BEN and W-9. 

Regarding the Automated Subscription Agreement, EB5AN Managing Partner Sam Silverman said, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Arnstein & Lehr to create a tool for regional centers that streamlines a vital step in the EB-5 process. The Automated Subscription Agreement greatly simplifies a time-consuming and potentially costly process and significantly reduces the risk of an EB-5 investor’s wire transfer being rejected by an escrow bank due to an incomplete or incorrectly filled out subscription agreement.”

Reid Thomas of NES Financial said, “This new automated subscription agreement is just one example of the innovative, value-add approach EB5AN has taken as a regional center operator and EB-5 consulting firm in streamlining the EB-5 investment process using the latest technology.”