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EB-5 Regional Center Affiliation: The Benefits and Affiliation Process

Affiliating with an EB5AN EB-5 regional center holds numerous benefits, including the ability to immediately begin raising funds for your project and making your project attractive to EB-5 investors through targeted employment area (TEA) designation and expanded job creation numbers. Additionally, our business affiliates receive support from our team of EB-5 experts, starting with a project assessment to determine whether EB-5 capital is the right choice.

Begin Raising EB-5 Capital Immediately

If you become an EB5AN business affiliate, you can immediately begin raising EB-5 investment funds in any of the designated geographic areas covered by our USCIS-approved regional centers. We can help you with every step of the process, from deciding on the most suitable EB-5 project structure to determining whether your project is located in a TEA.

Because TEA designation makes EB-5 projects significantly more attractive for EB-5 investors, most regional center projects are located in TEAs. For projects in TEAs, the required minimum EB5 investment amount decreases from $1.8 million to $900,000. Based on the location of your project, we can help you determine whether it qualifies for TEA status. Our professional team of experts has in-depth knowledge regarding TEA designations and can assist you in preparing a TEA designation application. You can also use the interactive EB5AN TEA map to assess your project’s TEA qualification.

Allow EB-5 Investors to Rely on Indirect Job Creation

For investors, a key aspect of meeting the EB-5 program requirements is job creation: each EB-5 investment must create 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers that last at least two years. The vast majority of EB-5 investors, more than 95%, choose regional center investments because it is significantly easier to meet the EB-5 job creation requirement.

When investing in regional center projects, EB-5 investors can include indirect and induced job creation in their job creation total. In contrast, when they make a direct investment, they can count only direct job creation. In other words, with indirect job creation, they can determine job creation numbers through an econometric study, but with direct job creation, they must show actual employees on the payroll.

The EB5AN team has extensive experience in econometric analysis and provides professional-grade indirect job creation analysis.

Rely on EB5AN to Facilitate the Affiliation Process

As experts in the EB-5 field, the EB5AN team can help you with the EB-5 regional center affiliation process to ensure it is as simple as possible. The first step is assessing whether EB-5 funding is a suitable capital solution for your project. Next, our team will conduct diligence on your proposal to ensure it is a strong fit with the EB-5 program. We can quickly assess the feasibility of your project and come to an agreement on partnering with you on your EB-5 project.

EB5AN’s USCIS-approved regional centers cover numerous states, and our affiliate network extends our reach even further. No matter in which state your project is in, we can help you to find a regional center that suits your needs. The affiliation process can be a fast solution and a great fit for those looking to begin a project immediately. Please contact us to begin the affiliation process.