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Affiliate With or Rent an Approved EB-5 Regional Center

No matter where in the US your project is located, EB5AN can help you achieve your goals through EB-5 regional center affiliation. In addition to running several EB-5 regional centers, with EB-5 regional center coverage in more than 20 states as well as the District of Columbia, we run one of the largest EB-5 affiliate networks in the country, meaning we can set you up with a suitable regional center no matter what state your project is in.

Already, EB-5 project developers from all around the country have trusted our expertise to help them rent an EB-5 regional center and finance their projects. As an industry leader in EB-5 regional center affiliation and rental, we have a proven track record of strong performance and successful EB-5 projects. We conduct rigorous due diligence on all our affiliated projects to ensure they are high quality, properly structured, and can demonstrably stimulate the local economy in the geographic coverage area of the respective EB-5 regional center. Consequently, EB-5 developers know that when they rent an EB-5 regional center from us, their project has a high chance of success.

Why Affiliate With or Rent an EB-5 Regional Center?

Speed Up the EB-5 Project Subscription and Investment Timelines

It is no secret that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not work overly fast when adjudicating EB-5 petitions. Very few I-924 petitions for new regional center designation are approved per year, so applicants may have to wait years to obtain EB-5 regional center designation. Not only that, but the process is also expensive and unpredictable, with no guaranteed outcome of success.

Renting an EB-5 regional center instead offers a multitude of advantages. Since USCIS has already approved our EB-5 regional centers, they know your project is in good hands and managed by EB-5 professionals who deeply understand the program and how to meet USCIS requirements. Therefore, the application process is far faster and easier than it otherwise would be. If you rent an approved EB-5 regional center, you’ll be able to start raising capital immediately and avoid the stress of wondering whether your I-924 petition will be approved. Renting an EB-5 regional center instead of applying for new regional center designation positions you closer to the capital you need for your project and bumps up the completion date—sometimes even by a year or more.

We are also experts on targeted employment areas (TEAs). If your project is located in a TEA, the minimum required investment amount is $800,000, as opposed to $1.05 million. A lower required investment amount makes it significantly easier to attract investors, so TEA designation for your project will also speed up the process. We will help you determine whether your project is in a TEA and help you obtain a TEA designation if it is.

Indirect Job Creation

One of the key requirements of the EB-5 visa program is that each investment must fund the creation of 10 new full-time jobs for U.S. citizens or residents. For projects working with direct investments, these jobs must be direct—in other words, each investment must create 10 direct jobs through construction (if they last at least two years) or at the new commercial enterprise (NCE) that are demonstrable on the project’s payroll. Projects that affiliate with EB-5 regional centers, however, can achieve the job creation requirement through indirect job creation.

Indirect job creation is the creation of jobs through the project’s purchase of external goods and services from local companies. Goods could include construction materials or supplies for the operation of the new enterprise. Services could include building maintenance, accounting services, legal counsel, or a range of other locally sourced services. The key is just that the job is local and that the project is bolstering the economy in the local area.

Indirect jobs can also be created by the employees of the NCE spending their money on local goods and services. Regardless of how many direct jobs your project creates, it can have a ripple effect on the local community as these people spend the money they earn working for the enterprise.

Direct jobs are easy to calculate: Operations jobs are evaluated by the number of employees on the payroll, while construction jobs are measured based on expenditures. Projects with EB-5 regional center affiliation require more advanced calculation to determine the number of indirect jobs they have created—they generally require the services of an economist who employs accepted economic or statistical methodologies.

Rent or Affiliate With an EB5AN Regional Center

Given these major advantages, it is clear why most EB-5 project developers choose to rent or affiliate with an EB-5 regional center instead of forming one themselves. We are strictly dedicated to quality and will guide you throughout the EB-5 process to a successful end project completed far faster than if you applied for regional center designation yourself. Contact EB5AN today to find out more about renting an EB-5 regional center.