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Complete EB-5 Project Documentation (I-526 Project Template)

EB5AN has helped hundreds of companies successfully navigate the EB-5 process by preparing a customized, comprehensive EB-5 documentation package. We have experience with a broad range of projects, from small, single-investor projects to medium and larger projects seeking to aggregate larger sums of EB-5 capital into a single development project.

Our team of specialists manages the assembly of the full EB-5 documentation package inhouse, from a custom Matter of Ho–compliant EB-5 business plan and economic report to the full suite of offering and supporting organizational documents. We have extensive experience structuring projects to meet the needs of our clients and provide clarity and security for EB-5 investors.

Because we provide a single point of contact, our clients do not have to coordinate multiple vendors, a process that often leads to inconsistencies. Every component of the document package is drafted and proofed by our team of in-house experts, resulting in the highest quality and a faster turnaround than our competitors. With our structured, experience-driven process, it takes approximately six weeks to complete a full set of EB-5 project documents for a specific project.

With experience in transactions across all project sizes and industries, our team is uniquely positioned to advise project developers on how to effectively structure projects with EB-5 capital.


Rent an Approved EB-5 Regional Center

The process of creating a regional center is costly, and it takes time. Renting one of EB5AN existing USCIS-approved EB-5 regional centers, however, reduces wait times, risk, and costs. Projects can begin raising EB-5 capital in weeks, not years.

EB5AN owns and operates regional centers covering more than 20 states and Washington, D.C. This encompasses most major metropolitan areas within the United States and covers more than half of the country. Thus, our industry-leading, coast-to-coast coverage offers real estate developers and business owners unprecedented access to multiple regional centers—all from a single provider.

Our best-in-class transparency and fund management practices have distinguished us as the only regional center operator designated as an NES Financial Medallion Solution Partner. Our best practices compliance in regional center operation means lower risk and a positive, professional experience from start to finish.

The members of our institutional team attended top universities and have brand-name experience gained at the top management consulting, private equity, and law firms.


Set Up Your Own EB-5 Regional Center

EB5AN has obtained USCIS approval for dozens of full-state and multi-state regional centers—both for ourselves and for a variety of clients. The I-924 application process required to set up a new EB-5 regional center is complex and requires legal expertise, careful economic analysis, the creation of a Matter of Ho–compliant business plan, and a deep understanding of both the EB-5 program itself as well as USCIS adjudication patterns.

Any mistakes can result in a Request for Evidence (RFE), Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID), or even an outright denial. Our team helps mitigate the risk of mistakes by completing the entire application package in house—compiling information, assembling supporting documents, and proofreading everything. We ensure that the application is complete, fully supported by documentary evidence, internally consistent, and satisfies the requirements of the EB-5 program.

Securing approval for, owning, and operating 10+ regional centers has enabled us to develop proprietary processes and templates to ensure efficient management, which we share with our clients. We even provide an easy submission process where we print and assemble the entire application, FedEx it to the client for signature, and then send it directly to USCIS for approval. Applications we prepare tend to be approved significantly faster than the USCIS average.

EB5AN track record of obtaining challenging approvals from USCIS demonstrates our internal expertise in navigating the complex I-924 application process. Our team will leverage its extensive experience and knowledge to provide superior documentation services and a timely application turnaround.


Other EB-5 Consulting Services

EB5AN offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services for EB-5 investors, regional centers, and project developers.

Our experienced team can help you prepare a compelling RFE or NOID response on project-related issues, complete your annual I-924A compliance filing, perform economic analyses and draft a report for Form I-829 filings, and more.

While we do offer a number of free tools and an extensive knowledge base on our website to help potential clients learn the basics of the EB-5 program, determine whether their project’s location might qualify as a targeted employment area (TEA), perform initial diligence on an EB-5 project, and so on, we recognize that the EB-5 program is complex and every situation is unique—we are here to help, whatever the need.

EB5AN offers solutions to even the most complicated issues and would love to discuss your specific needs today.