Free EB-5 Evaluation

Project Documentation

EB5AN offers solutions for all aspects of project documentation. These range from preliminary project analysis to determine if EB-5 funding is a strong choice for a project, how to structure the project to ensure EB-5 compatibility while maximizing financial upside, and overall legal support across the project entity structuring and investor immigration legal services.

Getting Started

To get started EB5AN offers a preliminary EB-5 economic analysis to assist in the evaluation of potential EB-5 projects. Key services to get started include: Preliminary Project Diligence, TEA Designation Support, and Preliminary Project Structuring. Each component is key to evaluating the feasibility of an EB-5 project.

Initial Project Diligence
TEA Designation
Preliminary Structuring

Project Structuring

EB5AN has experience structuring both EB-5 related projects and non-EB-5 business transactions, with direct experience in transactions across all sizes and industries and perspective from the financing, legal, and business perspective. The services we provide that are critical to an EB-5 project include creating a tailored business plan, economic and job creation impact analysis to determine the amount of EB-5 capital that can be utilized, and capital structure analysis to determine the optimal structure for the project.

Tailored Business Plan
Economic and Job Creation Impact Analysis
Capital Structure Optimization

Legal Documentation

EB-5 projects require a range of legal expertise, including the legal entity structuring for the project, the project offering documentation, and the required investor immigration services. EB5AN has in house expertise and trusted advisor support for all required legal components of the process, specifically focused on: EB-5 Project Entity Design, Project Offering Documentation, and Investor Immigration Services.

EB-5 Project Entity Design
Project Offering Documentation
Investor Immigration Services