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EB-5 Project RFE / NOID Response Assistance

EB-5 Project RFE Response Assistance

During the I-526 and I-924 adjudication process, USCIS may determine that it needs further information or clarification in order to proceed with a petition. USCIS will then issue a Request for Evidence (RFE).

EB5AN has extensive experience responding to RFE requests and understands the analysis required to respond quickly and comprehensively to address USCIS concerns.

If you have received an RFE, contact us today to learn more about how to address USCIS requests for further evidence.

EB-5 Project NOID Response Assistance

If an I-526 or I-924 application includes enough initial evidence to be rejected, USCIS may instead issue a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID). A petitioner still has a chance to respond to an NOID and provide evidence to convince USCIS to approve the petition, but the petitioner must act quickly.

If you have received an NOID, contact us immediately to learn more about how to respond to USCIS. EB5AN has experience responding to a wide range of USCIS requests. We can help you respond directly and succinctly to an NOID and address USCIS concerns about your application.