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EB-5 project sponsors typically must negotiate a term sheet for the placement of EB-5 capital with a real estate developer or with another business entity seeking EB-5 capital. These term sheets are critical in the EB-5 process because it is important to define all of the key variables associated with the placement and timing of EB-5 capital.

Since the placement of EB-5 capital has many moving pieces and is much more complicated than a basic loan/financing term sheet from a traditional lender, EB-5 project sponsors should include as much detail around timing, loan term, and other key deal terms. Defining all variables and terms clearly at the start of the EB-5 process will help insure that an EB-5 project is marketable and has the highest likelihood of attracting EB-5 capital from accredited foreign investors.

Download Free EB-5 Project Developer Term Sheet in Word Format.

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Download free EB-5 project developer term sheet