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Regional Center in Elmhurst

EB5 Affiliate Network’s EB-5 Regional Center in Elmhurst

Formerly known as Newtown, Elmhurst is a Queens neighborhood bordered by Roosevelt Avenue and the Long Island Expressway. It’s part of Queens Community Board 4 and an excellent choice for an EB-5 regional center in New York. Thanks to the EB5 Affiliate Network’s State of New York Regional Center, it’s now easier and faster to open a center of your own or affiliate for benefits and support.
Find out how an EB5AN affiliation will benefit your project, or discover more about opening your own center in the heart of Queens.

Should you affiliate with EB5AN’s State of New York Regional Center? Here are a few benefits.

  1. You’ll be able to garner more investment capital.

EB5AN has 15 USCIS-designated immigrant investor regional centers in the United States, and Elmhurst is covered by that network. If you affiliate with the EB5AN center located in Elmhurst, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits not available to unaffiliated projects. This includes the potential to raise more investment capital as investors seek out the most reputable projects. Plus, affiliation with an EB5AN regional center means there’s coverage in every borough and city throughout the state.

  1. Get a jump on job creation requirements.

Under the federal EB-5 program, there’s a requirement to create 10 jobs per investor, and they must be “direct” jobs—unless you’re affiliated with our regional center in Elmhurst. Affiliation with a regional center means that both direct and indirect jobs qualify for the 10-job requirement. This, coupled with the strong reputation of EB5AN and its history of successful application completions, attracts investors and makes it much easier and faster to complete requirements and paperwork.

  1. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that support is always available.

EB5AN’s team of experts is always hard at work for you, and they will respond to queries within 24 hours. Without affiliation with an EB5AN regional center, you’ll miss out on a number of perks like undergoing a proposal overview to help avoid unnecessary mistakes. You’ll also have access to data that shows how many jobs your project will create and the amount of capital you can raise.

Contact us today and find out more about benefits for your project and goals. When you affiliate with an EB5AN Regional Center in Elmhurst, you can ensure a smooth process.

EB5AN makes the I-924 application faster while saving you time and money

The I-924 application is known for being exceptionally slow, and in some cases approval can take years. This leads to a lot of wasted time, stress, and lost funding potential. Join EB5AN to cut down on this time, as we have submitted more than 300 business plans and economic impact studies in over 27 states and counting.

Not only will you have experts helping you every step of the way and following up, you will have any questions answered within 24 hours.

Are you eyeing a targeted employment area (TEA)?

Understanding where your project will be located and determining if it’s in a TEA zone can play a role in your success. It’s easy to answer that question with our TEA Designation page. Query your Elmhurst address for instant results and know if your site qualifies. You can even explore other areas in New York or any state with help from the Free EB-5 TEA Map.

image 1National EB-5 targeted employment area (TEA) map

Next, you will need a TEA certification. Requesting one from the USCIS is easy, but it’s made even simpler when you take advantage of our additional and complementary materials. You can discover How to Get a TEA Letter and access additional information online for no charge. If you have any questions along the way, know that we’re available to help by calling us at 1-800-288-9138 or emailing us at You will receive a quick response within 24 hours.

Elmhurst is attracting attention

Elmhurst, first established in 1652 by a group of Dutch immigrants, was considered a suburb of New Amsterdam. Currently, it has a population of around 90,000. Its neighborhoods are diverse and thriving, with a large Native American population and a bustling Chinatown. It’s the second biggest Chinatown in Queens, and it has flourished from a series of small shops on Broadway to a hub of culture and celebrations.

The neighborhood is also known for the Queens Center and Queens Place malls. It’s a favorite destination for shopping and tourism, and with a slow but steady population increase it’s starting to catch the eyes of investors. There are also incredible outdoor opportunities and a number of family-friendly parks, including Elmhurst Park.

Although the historic Queens Library of Elmhurst was demolished in 2012, the city completed a new, larger, more modern library in 2016. With a budget of $27.8 million, it’s clear that the 32,000 square foot library will soon be a landmark.

It also offers great options for your project, and you can contact us to find out more about how affiliation with EB5AN’s New York EB-5 Regional Center can help you. Interested in opening your own center? We’re happy to provide guidance.

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