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Does the I-526 processing time differ between EB-5 regional center investments and direct investments?

The processing time estimates provided by USCIS do not distinguish between projects sponsored by regional centers and those that receive direct investments. That said, the more complex a project, the more work it is for USCIS to adjudicate. If the business plan and source of funds documentation are simple and clear, a direct investment may be adjudicated more quickly than the average processing time; however, the same can be said of an I-526 Petition for a regional center investment. Unlike most regional center investments, however, direct investments do not involve economic analysis as part of calculating job creation, and so processing time may be saved in that regard. Generally speaking, though, simpler and clearer petitions will be adjudicated more quickly than those that are more complex and/or result in requests for evidence (RFEs)—and this is true regardless of whether the petition is based on a direct or a regional center investment.