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EB-5 Expert Witness – Samuel B. Silverman

Leveraging his extensive EB-5 industry experience and knowledge, Samuel B. Silverman has served as an EB-5 expert witness, testifying in complicated EB-5 regional center litigation.

Sam knows the EB-5 industry, its history, the laws and policies that govern it, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices. He employs a data-driven, evidence-based methodology to offer meaningful EB-5 expert testimony.

EB-5 Expert Witness Services

Sam offers the following EB-5 expert witness services:

  • Expert opinion regarding management fees for EB-5 entities, industry best practices, etc.
  • Evidence-based expert witness reports, including opening reports and rebuttals.
  • Expert witness testimony in deposition and at trial.

EB-5 Expert Witness Inquiries

For more information about Sam’s services as an EB-5 expert witness, please contact him directly at 561-386-5356 or

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More About Sam

Sam has extensive real estate development, management, financing, and brokerage experience in Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, and internationally in the People’s Republic of China. Prior to EB5AN, Sam served as the director of corporate strategy and expansion for professional golfer Jack Nicklaus in the People’s Republic of China, living full time in Beijing.

Sam was also previously employed by the Boston Consulting Group, one of the top management consulting and business strategy firms in the world, where he worked directly with Fortune 500 companies in the food service, media, manufacturing, hospitality, and real estate spaces in the United States, Europe, and Middle East.

Sam is a recognized expert in the EB-5 industry and has been engaged as an EB-5 expert witness to testify in complicated EB-5 regional center litigation.

Sam is also a Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 National Winner for Social Entrepreneurship. Sam holds a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Mandarin Chinese from Yale University, a Certificate in Financial Accounting from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.