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Honolulu EB-5 Regional Center

Honolulu, Hawaii, EB-5 Regional Center

The EB5 Affiliate Network’s regional center in Hawaii covers every neighborhood in Honolulu, from Ala-Moana-Kakaako to Waikiki and from Moiliili to Diamond Head.

Learn how to partner with our USCIS-approved EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN) to complete your EB-5 project in Honolulu.

What advantages does affiliation with EB5AN’s Hawaii regional center offer for my EB-5 project?

By renting our regional center, you gain…

  1. Access to EB-5 capital in Honolulu

You can find EB-5 capital to draw on by affiliating with our EB-5 regional center in Hawaii. Since we have coverage of the entire state, your project in Honolulu is also covered. This regional center is just one of our 15 EB5AN regional centers, and you can see the full list on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. All our regional centers, including our Hawaii regional center, are USCIS-approved.

  1. Incentive for EB-5 investors to contribute to your project

EB-5 program guidelines call for 10 full-time jobs created by each investor. By renting our EB-5 regional center for your project, you’ll be able to count not only directly created jobs, but also indirectly created jobs. This leads to an increase in your project’s EB-5 job creation numbers, which enables you to build your capital stack with a higher percentage of EB-5 capital.

  1. Faster affiliation, so you can start raising EB-5 investment funds right away

Our expert team can quickly walk you through the EB5AN regional center affiliation process by helping you ascertain

  • Your project’s compatibility with our Honolulu regional center
  • Your project’s job creation potential
  • Your project’s ability to support EB-5 capital

Once the rental agreement is established, you’ll be well on your way to raising EB-5 capital and successfully completing your project.

Read Benefits of Affiliation and How It Works for more about affiliating with our EB-5 regional center in Honolulu.

We can prepare your I-924, Application for Regional Center, in just 3 weeks.

If you’re interested in setting up a new Honolulu EB-5 regional center, our capable team will help you assemble the documentation that is crucial to USCIS approval and diminish the application’s risks. The EB5AN team is comprised of experts in the application’s pertinent fields, such as law, economics, and business. Our expertise and resources have enabled us to institute a long record of success with the USCIS adjudication process, including more than 300 business plans and economic impact studies and a network of approved regional centers that covers more than 27 states.

To learn about our team’s ability to expedite USCIS approval for your Honolulu EB-5 regional center, contact us. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

Are you planning to develop in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)?

You can verify the targeted employment area for your project by checking our Free EB-5 TEA Map. This map shows all the current TEAs in Honolulu so you can see whether the area you’ve chosen for your EB-5 regional center project qualifies as a TEA.

At our TEA Designation page, you can learn about the USCIS designation criteria for TEAs as well as why TEA designation is consequential for your EB-5 project.

image 1National EB-5 Targeted Employment Area (TEA) map

Once you’ve confirmed the location of your Honolulu EB-5 regional center project qualifies as a TEA, read about How to Get a TEA Letter, our guide to obtaining TEA certification for your EB-5 project in Honolulu. Here, you can learn how to petition USCIS for this crucial document, see an official TEA letter, and take advantage of the valuable supporting materials we offer to help you with your TEA letter request.

For further assistance, ask a question by filling out our contact form, calling us at 1-800-288-9138, or sending an email to Within 24 hours, a member of our team will contact you.

Honolulu is a paradise for tourists and investors.

Located on the most-visited island in Hawaii, Oahu, Honolulu offers tourists an assortment of reasons to visit, from legendary Waikiki Beach to the historic Iolani Palace. The University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hawaii Pacific University attract students from a variety of countries. Honolulu has also offered immigrant investors who want to live in America an opportunity to contribute to US economic growth by supporting the EB-5 Regional Center Program.

EB-5 regional center projects in the Big Pineapple can raise capital through our EB5AN State of Hawaii EB-5 regional center in Honolulu County, including Pearl City, East Oahu, and Kapolei. EB-5 investors hoping to obtain US permanent residency can achieve their goal by investing in our USCIS-approved EB-5 regional center with geographic coverage of Honolulu.

Population and income in the state of HawaiiPopulation and income in the state of Hawaii

As the bustling capital of Hawaii and its largest city, Honolulu has a population of over 351,000 and 68.4 square miles of development opportunity. It’s also a gateway to the United States and an international business hub. By affiliating your EB-5 project with the EB5 Affiliate Network regional center in Hawaii, you can be empowered to make an economic impact on your community. Your project can lower the unemployment rate and provide beneficial economic activity for the people of Honolulu.

If you’d like more information about renting one of our EB5AN regional centers or forming a new EB-5 regional center, contact us today. Whether you call us at 1-800-288-9138 or e-mail us at, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.