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Baltimore EB-5 Regional Center

The EB-5 Regional Center with Baltimore Coverage

Making your Baltimore-based EB-5 project a business affiliate of the EB5 Affiliate Network’s regional center in Maryland, which covers all neighborhoods of Baltimore, including Mount Vernon and Bolton Hill, can bestow upon you a multitude of advantages. Go here to discover more about turning your Baltimore EB-5 project into a USCIS-approved EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN) affiliate.

There are many good reasons to become a business affiliate with the EB5AN State of Maryland EB-5 regional center in Baltimore.

Enjoy the following benefits upon affiliation with our regional center in Maryland.

  1. Start accumulating EB-5 capital for your EB-5 project pronto.

With coverage extending across the entire state of Maryland, our EB5AN regional center in Maryland offers EB-5 business affiliates the opportunity to commence capital-raising immediately—anywhere within the city of Baltimore. Fifteen (15) of our Immigrant Investor Regional Centers have been granted official approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and you can see all of them listed on the USCIS website.

  1. Meet EB-5 investment requirements more easily by leveraging indirect job creation.

The EB-5 investment requirements obligate investors to generate a minimum of 10 new jobs—and for non-affiliates, who must rely solely on actual payroll employees who have been employed for at least 24 months, this condition can be tough to satisfy. However, EB5AN affiliate EB-5 projects can log not only direct but also indirect job creation, and the resulting higher job creation figures naturally lead to increased capital growth for EB-5 projects.

  1. Support from our experienced team of EB-5 experts.

We know how daunting bureaucratic processes can be—it can be difficult to know exactly what to do, and errors can result in major losses of time. Avoid frustration and delays by letting us assist you in the EB5A affiliation process and begin raising EB-5 capital sooner. After ascertaining whether your project is eligible for affiliation with our regional center in Baltimore, we’ll work with you to identify how many new jobs your Baltimore EB-5 will foster and how much capital your project will require to function effectively.

Additional information is available, should you need it: find out exactly what the affiliation process for your Baltimore-based EB-5 entails and how our affiliation program can help realize your project’s potential.

Go one step further: Establish your own EB-5 regional center to serve the needs of Baltimore.

To found your own EB-5 regional center, you’ll need to fill out an I-924 application, which necessitates a firm understanding of its many legal, economic, and business aspects. Save yourself time and frustration: Let EB5AN help you fill out your I-924 application, and your center will be set up in only three weeks. Having already completed countless such applications, we know how to expertly circumnavigate all the most common I-924 traps to produce a superb I-924 application—further facilitated by our extensive knowledge of the USCIS adjudication process. Since we provide full coverage for over 27 states, we’re not strangers to conducting USCIS-compliant business plans and economic impact studies, either—we’ve already got more than 300 behind us.

Questions about how we can aid you in attaining USCIS approval for your own EB-5 regional center? Get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less, guaranteed.

Is your Baltimore EB-5 regional center to be set up in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)?

Use our free EB-5 TEA Map to as certain the answer. The map displays all zones within Baltimore that automatically qualify as TEAs.

Not sure what makes TEA designation so significant for your EB-5 project? We’ve created a TEA Designation page to expand on just that—as well as the process USCIS employs when reviewing evidence to approve TEA designations.

image 1National EB-5 Targeted Employment Area (TEA) map

So, is your Baltimore-based EB-5 regional center located in a TEA? If so, contact USCIS and place a formal request for a TEA certification letter.

Refer to our step-by-step instructions to complete the request process accurately and without delays. We’ve also provided a sample TEA letter and supporting documentation to facilitate the request process. Let us know if you require further assistance by phoning us at 1-800-288-9138 or shooting us an e-mail at We never take more than 24 hours to respond.

The growing city of Baltimore boasts a thriving economy.

From around the United States and the whole world, visitors flock to Baltimore for a number of different reasons. The National Aquarium and other famous landmarks draw in tourists from far away, and eager scholars from across the nation and overseas converge at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland-Baltimore to pursue their academic careers. In addition, Baltimore also invites foreign investors to begin their new American lives within its vibrant borders, praising the EB-5 Regional Center Program as a valuable opportunity to both boost the U.S. economy and improve the lives of investors looking to move to the U.S.A.

Charm City enjoys comprehensive coverage from our EB5AN State of Maryland EB-5 regional center, through which qualified EB-5 investors from abroad in pursuit of U.S. permanent residency can invest in an EB-5 regional center with USCIS approval and geographic coverage of the entire city of Baltimore—as well as the near by Columbia, Ellicott City, and Ilchester.

Population and income demographics in BaltimorePopulation and income demographics in Baltimore

Baltimore’s 614,664 inhabitants live together within the city’s 92.1 square miles, meaning that Baltimore houses 7,598 people per square mile. This makes Baltimore the 87th-most densely populated city in all of the United States.

With such a large population, Baltimore offers an abundance of opportunities to EB-5 investors. Affiliate your EB-5 project with our EB5AN regional center to help invoke positive change in Baltimore communities—create jobs to boost the city’s economy and improve the lives of residents.

Do our offers interest you? Let us know! We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding the process of affiliating your Baltimore EB-5 project with our regional center or establishing your own Baltimore-based EB-5 regional center with USCIS approval.

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