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Lafayette EB-5 Regional Center

Lafayette, Louisiana, EB-5 Regional Center Rental

In Louisiana, the EB5 Affiliate Network’s regional center covers the city of Lafayette and its suburbs, including the University area, Freetown-Port Rico, River Ranch, and other nearby areas.

We can show you how to affiliate your project in Lafayette with our USCIS-approved EB5 Affiliate Network (EB5AN) regional center.

Why should you allow the EB5AN regional center in Louisiana to sponsor your EB-5 project in Lafayette?

When your project is sponsored by our regional center, you can…

  1. Raise EB-5 investment funds anywhere in Lafayette.

EB5 Affiliate Network has 15 regional centers with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approval, and our Louisiana EB-5 regional center is just one of these (for a full list, see the USCIS website). Affiliation with a USCIS-designated regional center gives your project instant access to EB-5 capital within the regional center’s coverage area. Since our EB-5 regional center covers all of Louisiana, your Lafayette EB-5 project will be covered, no matter where in Lafayette it’s located.

  1. Include both direct and indirect jobs in your project’s EB-5 job creation figures.

While direct investment projects are allowed to count only directly created jobs toward their total jobs created, EB-5 regional center projects can include indirectly created jobs as well. This freedom leads to higher job creation numbers, which is why most EB-5 investors choose the regional center investment model. For project developers, achieving higher job creation figures leads to more available EB-5 capital.

  1. Progress through the regional center affiliation process quickly rather than waiting for USCIS approval for a new EB-5 regional center.

Once EB5AN has worked with you to estimate the number of jobs and the amount of EB-5 capital your project can be expected to support, we can analyze its compatibility with our Lafayette regional center and, if it’s a good fit, complete the affiliation process right away. The speed with which we accomplish this process enables you to get started on your project much sooner than you would if you pursued designation for your own EB-5 regional center in Lafayette.

You can find more details about how to rent an EB-5 regional center in Lafayette and about the advantages of EB-5 regional center rental for project developers by visiting this page.

If you would like to form a new Lafayette EB-5 regional center, EB5AN can prepare your I-924 Application for Regional Center in just 3 weeks.

Since our team is composed of attorneys, economists, and business people who have extensive experience with the I-924 application and its USCIS adjudication process, 3 weeks is all the time we need to complete your petition. Not only do we prepare it quickly, we prepare it expertly, taking into account every one of its many components and meeting the standards set by USCIS. Our track record includes approved regional centers covering over 27 full states and completion of more than 300 USCIS-compliant business plans and economic impact studies.

We can reduce the processing time for USCIS approval for your EB-5 regional center. Contact us to learn how, and we’ll answer your questions in 24 hours or less.

Where are the Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) in Lafayette?

You can find TEAs in Lafayette by checking our Free EB-5 TEA Map, which can show you whether your EB-5 regional center project is within the boundaries of a TEA.

Our TEA Designation page explains the value of TEA designation for your project and the process by which USCIS approves state-designated TEAs.

image 1National EB-5 Targeted Employment Area (TEA) map

How to Get a TEA Letter can help you understand the process of obtaining the necessary documentation for a project located in a TEA. At this page, you can learn how to request a TEA letter from USCIS, see an official TEA letter, and get helpful supporting materials for your TEA letter request.

If you have questions about TEA letters, we’re here to help. Simply contact us by calling 1-800-288-9138, sending an e-mail to, or completing our contact form .

The city of Lafayette is rich in culture and opportunity.

In Lafayette, Louisiana’s heritage is on display in historical attractions such as the Acadian Village. Students come to the city to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Since Lafayette has also welcomed the EB-5 Regional Center program, its economy has benefited from the contributions of EB-5 investors seeking to make America their new home.

Our EB5AN State of Louisiana EB-5 regional center has geographic coverage of Lafayette Parish, including Long Bridge, Breaux Bridge, and Scott. By investing through our Louisiana EB-5 regional center, qualified foreign investors can obtain US permanent residency for themselves and their families.

Lafayette spans 53.9 square miles and has a population of 127,626. It’s the fourth largest city in Louisiana and the heart of the state’s Acadian cultural heritage.

The city of Lafayette has much to offer. You can contribute to its economic growth and help lower its unemployment rate by affiliating your EB-5 project with EB5 Affiliate Network’s Louisiana EB-5 regional center.

For more insight into the EB5AN regional center affiliation process or the steps to set up a new USCIS-approved EB-5 regional center, contact us today. Call 1-800-288-9138 or e-mail, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.