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Regional Center in Schaumburg

EB5 Affiliate Network’s EB-5 Regional Center in Schaumburg

A suburb of Chicago, Schaumburg is a community famed for its massive Woodfield Mall, which has hundreds of restaurants, shops, and opportunities for investors. If you’re looking for the perfect place for an EB-5 regional center in Illinois, consider Schaumburg. When you affiliate with EB5 Affiliate Network’s State of Illinois Regional Center, you’ll reap many benefits, outlined below. Schaumburg boasts incredible tourist attractions like the Ned Brown Preserve for outdoor lovers and the Legoland Discovery Center, attracting all types of travelers.
Learn more about EB5AN affiliation or consider opening your own center with the help of EB5AN.

Secure more capital investment.

  1. Get more investment capital, even in the investment capital of the country.

The benefits of joining EB5 Affiliate Network are impressive, but one of the most desired is the ability to attract more capital investment. Since EB5AN knows the best locations and has contacts around Schaumburg, potential investors have a reason to be interested. Keep in mind that EB5AN’s regional center encompass every Illinois town, making it easy to affiliate or start your own center from one end of the state to the other.

  1. Get a jump on the job creation requirement.

The minimum 10-job creation per investor rule applies to all EB-5 projects, but there are key differences when you affiliate with EB5AN’s Schaumburg regional center. Through affiliation, you can count both indirect and direct job creation toward this federal requirement. Filling the 10-job requirement with just direct jobs can be very challenging. Let affiliation ease that burden..

  1. Have a team of experts working for you.

There is no reason to go down this path alone. With EB5AN’s Schaumburg regional center at your service, you instantly have an entire team of experts to help you with every step. The team will review your proposed project to help you avoid common pitfalls. You’ll also find out exactly how many jobs your project has the potential to create and how much capital you can raise.

The benefits EB5AN’s Schaumburg regional center offers are vast and worth exploring. To find out more, contact us to discuss your goals. If you affiliate with EB5AN in Schaumburg, you’ll gain leverage and processes will be faster and easier.

Take advantage of our rapid I-924 application process

The I-924 application is notoriously long, and can take months to assemble. Let us complete your application in just three weeks. EB5AN has already completed 300 business plans and economic impact studies in over 27 states. This strong record has helped them streamline the process for future clients like you and means faster processing times.

As you go through the I-924 process, we are always available for questions or queries. You are promised a response within 24 hours.

Is your project sited to take advantage of atargeted employment area (TEA)?

A common oversight is not making the effort to ensure your project falls within a TEA zone. However, you can easily check your proposed location’s status on the TEA Designation page. All you have to do is type in your project’s Schaumburg address for instant results.

Use the Free EB-5 TEA Map to explore other areas near Schaumburg or anywhere in Illinois.

image 1National EB-5 targeted employment area (TEA) map

Step one is hopefully locating a TEA for your project to call home. If your project can take advantage of a TEA, certification is required. You will get this from USCIS. The process is simple, but we’ve made it even easier with user-friendly guidelines and complementary materials.
Simply read the How to Get a TEA Letter document and take a look at additional helpful materials. If any questions arise, we are available. Connect with us by calling 1-800-288-9138 or emailing us at .You will receive a response within 24 hours of your query.

Schaumburg is trending

Schaumburg is located close to Cook and DuPage counties. A “village”, it’s encompassed by the Golden Corridor and just 28 miles from the Northwest Chicago Loop. You’ll find O’Hare International Airport just 10 minutes away. The village has a population of around 75,000 and has been ranked the Best Place to Live in Illinois by MONEY Magazine. Residents and tourists enjoy access to one of just two IKEA stores in the state and the 11th biggest mall in the country, Woodfield Mall. With over 300 stores, it’s piqued the interest of travelers and investors alike.

Over time, Schaumburg has grown from a rural community to a bona fide suburban metropolis. The first big leap came from Alfred Campanelli’s suburban development in 1959, and its progress was sealed by the opening of Woodfield Mall in 1971. The village is near Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, and other desirable neighborhoods.

The landscape of Schaumburg has changed over the years, and in 1980 the village expanded to encompass 18.3 square miles. Small manufacturing businesses and corporate office buildings began to become a staple of the village.

Take advantage of Schaumburg’s prime location and rent our EB5AN Schaumburg regional center. You can also open your own regional center— contact us for more details.

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