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The Merits of the EB-5 Program for Families


The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program was established in 1990 to foster foreign investment in the U.S. economy and create new jobs for U.S. workers. In exchange for their investment, foreign investors are granted U.S. green cards for both themselves and their immediate family members, which is defined as spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. While a U.S. green card offers plenty of benefits to an individual investor, the majority of EB-5 investors cite family reasons as a major motivation for their desire to immigrate to the United States.

When an individual has children, planning the future becomes all the more important. Any parent wants to ensure a safe and prosperous future for their child, and this is one of the key motivations of many EB-5 investors. While EB-5 investors can come from any country, the countries with the highest EB-5 demand as of August 2020 are China, Vietnam, and India, and the United States offers more safety, freedom, and opportunity than these countries. For parents, investing in the EB-5 program to secure a better future for their children is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

The minimum required investment amount to qualify for an EB-5 visa is $1.8 million, although EB-5 projects in targeted employment areas (TEAs) qualify for a lower minimum investment of $900,000. This amount stays the same regardless of how many family members an investor is applying with, so an EB-5 investment can be an extremely good deal for investors with many children.

The key requirements to receive an EB-5 visa are that the investor provides proof the funds were obtained legally and, at the end of the investment period, that the funds created at least 10 new full-time jobs for U.S. workers. EB-5 investors can, depending on their country of origin, immigrate to the United States in just a few years, making the EB-5 program an ideal option for young families.

Prospective EB-5 investors with young children should consider all the benefits of U.S. permanent residency for their offspring, including the following:

  • A safe environment with a lower crime rate than many other countries
  • Affordable and reliable options for childcare
  • A diverse culture accepting of people from different walks of life
  • A top-notch education system that immerses immigrant children in American culture and provides a high-quality education
  • An abundance of recreational sports options to keep kids active and healthy
  • A wealth of opportunities to explore different activities and hobbies
  • Valuable opportunities for internships and practical programs
  • Tuition savings for in-state college applicants

Given the strong U.S. business environment, there is also financial motivation to relocate to the United States. While $900,000 may sound like a lot to many prospective investors, the ROI includes a better, brighter future for you and your family, and conducting business in the United States is likely to prove financially lucrative in the long run. All in all, an investment in a qualifying EB-5 program may be the most important investment you ever make.