Free EB-5 Evaluation

How is the job creation requirement and job allocation determined for mixed-capital projects?

The EB-5 employment creation requirement is calculated based on the number of EB-5 investors who invest in a project—not on the project’s total capital. A project must create 10 full-time, permanent jobs per EB-5 investor. All full-time, permanent jobs created by a project are counted toward the EB-5 job creation requirement. If, for example, a project created 500 full-time, permanent jobs, it could support up to 50 EB-5 investors with 10 jobs being allocated to each investor. If that same project had only 20 EB-5 investors, however, the 500 jobs would be divided among them, and each investor would be allocated 25 jobs—far more than the 10 jobs required.