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What are the primary differences between the L-1, E-2, and EB-5 Visas?

The main difference between the L-1 and E-2 Visas and the EB-5 Visa is that the former are nonimmigrant visas while the latter is an immigrant visa leading to permanent resident status. The L-1 Visa allows a foreign national to work for his/her company in its U.S. office; this visa allows for a maximum stay of seven years. The E-2 Visa, on the other hand, allows a foreign investor from a treaty nation to make a “substantial investment” in a U.S. company and then manage that company; this visa must be renewed every two years but can be renewed indefinitely. The EB-5 Visa is different from the L-1 and E-2 Visas in that it confers permanent resident status contingent upon an investment that results in the creation of 10 or more jobs.