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EB5AN’s New Automated EB-5 Program Subscription Agreement

Any government process is accompanied by a large amount of bureaucracy, and the EB-5 visa program is no exception. When an investor decides to commit to a particular EB-5 project, he or she is required to fill out a long, 20-page EB-5 subscription agreement. Filling out a 20-page legal document is a tiresome and error-prone process for anybody, but for investors from top EB-5 countries, such as China, Vietnam, and South Korea, where English is drastically different from the national language and thus extremely difficult to learn, the challenges are even more substantial. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes, and even a minor mistake can result in rejection from the escrow bank.

Save Time and Effort With EB5AN’s Automated Subscription Agreement

EB5AN has developed an automated EB-5 subscription agreement to save investors and regional centers time and money. In a manual setup, investors must print out the 20-page agreement and fill in all the fields by hand, with measures to ensure all necessary fields are completed. In contrast, with the automated subscription agreement, investors need only fill out two pages of information, which they can complete easily and comfortably on the computer, with blue-colored text to indicate mandatory fields. Additionally, all fields that require signatures are clearly indicated with red arrows, making them hard to miss.

Thanks to the miracle of computer programming, once the investor has filled in the two pages of information, the code-enhanced subscription agreement fills in all the remaining fields using the provided information, ensuring a consistent and correctly completed document.

To make the process even more convenient, the automated subscription agreement also integrates the NES Financial Subscription Worksheet, which the investor would otherwise have to fill out manually as a separate form.

The form is available for download for free on the EB5AN website.