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San Francisco, CA – July 29, 2017

Following the success of the Jupiter Learn EB-5 Seminar in March 2017, the EB5AN team scheduled a follow-up event concurrently with the July 2017 EB5 Investors Magazine industry convention in San Francisco. Again speaking to a sold-out house, EB5AN partners Sam Silverman and Mike Schoenfeld presented an interactive curriculum covering the EB-5 Program from beginning to end. Following feedback from previous event attendees, the team further integrated active Q&A into the event program, allowing the diverse group of attendees to relate the experience to their personal cases.

The event attracted a varied crowd, including attorneys practicing both securities law and immigration law, prospective EB-5 project developers, potential investors, and representatives from firms offering services to EB-5 investors and developers.

The continued success of the Learn EB-5 Seminar on the West Coast confirmed the team’s plans to bring the curriculum to more metro areas in late 2017 and 2018, with each event informing a dynamic curriculum for future events. By focusing on strong EB-5 markets such as Florida and California, the team has sought to generate a double bottom line for event attendees by offering the opportunity to network with nearby developers and investors without the pressure of a sales-focused environment.


What is the Learn EB-5 Seminar?

The Learn EB-5 Seminar is a day-long event of seminar presentations and interactive discussions with industry leaders. Led by our team, which has completed more than 200 EB-5 transactions and successfully raised millions of dollars from foreign investors through the EB-5 Program, the Learn EB-5 Seminar teaches you the basics of the EB-5 Visa Program without the sales pitch.

Attendees received the following resources:

  • Step-by-step EB-5 documentation & marketing strategy

  • 200+ pages of EB-5 project information & templates

  • Details of how EB-5 deals are structured & sold overseas

  • Free EB-5 project preliminary job report ($499 value)

  • Luncheon with Keynote Address

  • Opportunity to network with EB-5 industry professionals

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the EB-5 Program

  • Selecting & Structuring an EB-5 Project

  • Assembling EB-5 Project Documents

  • Estimating Economic Impact & Job Creation

  • Marketing an EB-5 Project

  • Navigating China & Other Markets

“The seminar, as a whole, provides the comprehensive overview of EB-5 projects and how they are structured. The information was provided in a nice clear, concise manner, and I would definitely recommend it to everybody.”

– Laura Kelly, VP of Marketing, NES Financial

Be sure to check for upcoming Learn EB-5 Seminar dates and locations, and watch the brief video below for highlights of this event.