Free EB-5 Evaluation

Getting Started

EB5AN offers a preliminary EB-5 project analysis to assist in the evaluation of potential EB-5 projects. Clients who choose to move forward with a comprehensive EB-5 economic analysis and project documentation (required for USCIS project/regional center approval) will be credited for the cost of this initial preliminary analysis.

This initial analysis is intended to provide the following:

Initial Project Diligence

Utilize available information to provide a reasonable estimate for the expected job creation numbers that can be counted and applied toward EB-5 capital raising requirements. This informs the project sponsor on the amount of EB-5 capital that can be used in the project and determines overall feasibility.

TEA Designation

Preliminary analysis around the project location will allow us to determine if the project site is located in an existing targeted employment area (TEA). If the project is not located within an existing TEA, we can explore potential methods of creating a new employment region to satisfy the high unemployment requirements set forth by the USCIS. The team has expertise in gaining TEA designation for desired project locations.

Preliminary Structuring

Leverage the team’s real estate and business strategy experience to present various capital/financing structures designed to maximize project profits, foreign investor appeal, and the amount of EB-5 capital that can be raised.

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