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New Initiative Announced by EB5AN to Safeguard EB-5 Investors’ Funds

Samuel Silverman, Managing Partner of EB5AN, discusses the introduction of a new initiative that promises to protect EB-5 investors’ funds in the event of an I-526 application denial.

EB5AN, a leading EB-5 regional center and EB-5 service provider sponsoring more than 1,100 EB-5 investors from more than 40 countries around the world, has announced a new, unique initiative that provides for a guaranteed refund of attorney’s fees and USCIS filing fees in the event an EB-5 investor’s I-526 application is not approved. This guaranteed refund is for select current EB-5 investment projects sponsored by EB5AN.

The EB-5 visa process is costly, requiring investors to hire immigration counsel and pay their legal fees as well as to pay USCIS processing and filing fees—all in addition to a minimum $500,000 capital investment.

Certain EB-5 projects offer to refund investors in certain instances where their I-526 application is denied, but in these cases, any money spent on immigration attorneys or USCIS application fees are unrecoverable. To provide peace of mind to EB-5 investors and to indicate the strength of the projects that it sponsors, EB5AN will guarantee the refund of such attorney’s fees and filing fees for select current EB-5 investment projects.

EB5AN Managing Partner Sam Silverman said, “We are excited to implement this new safety feature for EB-5 investors, and we hope that this decision will set a new standard for the EB-5 industry with the goal of safeguarding investor capital and strengthening an alignment of incentives between EB-5 regional centers and individual EB-5 investors.”

About EB5AN, LLC: EB5AN is a leading provider of EB-5 project consulting and regional center affiliation services. The company has worked on more than 200 EB-5 transactions across the country and has completed applications for more than 75 new regional centers. Additionally, the company owns and operates 14 USCIS-approved regional centers across more than 20 states with an international team from a diverse set of institutional backgrounds in both law and finance, including business strategy, private equity, securities, and real estate.