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Gifting Your Child Money to Invest in an EB-5 Visa

Many parents around the world wish to continue their lives in their native country, where they have established social and business contacts, but would like to offer their children the rich opportunities that a life in the United States provides. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is the ideal pathway to procure U.S. permanent resident status for your child, as gifts are accepted as EB-5 investment funds.

Proving the Source of Funds

One of the EB-5 requirements is documenting the source of the EB-5 capital used. While your child can cite a gift from you as the source of their EB-5 capital, you must also prove that you have obtained the funds lawfully. This may include providing tax returns, investment documents, business earning statements, sale of assets documentation, or other documentation. You may also have to officially declare that your child is not required to repay you for the gift.


  • Some funds are easier to trace than others. Discuss the matter with an immigration attorney to determine which funds to gift as EB-5 capital.
  • Gather the needed documentation, organize it neatly, and prepare copies to give to your child to include in the I-526 petition.
  • Depending on the language of the documents, you may require translation services. Be sure to start early enough in advance to complete the process in a timely manner.

The Benefits of EB-5 for Students

The EB-5 program is a fantastic solution for international students looking to study abroad or remain in the United States following graduation. You may consider preparing fund documentation and other necessary processes while your child is still in grade school so he or she can take full advantage of the simplified admissions process to U.S. colleges that EB-5 offers. Throughout your child’s college career, he or she will be able to work and travel freely, and upon graduation, your child can remain in the United States without requiring sponsorship from an employer.

If you are a student considering the EB-5 program, you may also use inheritance money for your investment. Consult an immigration attorney to discuss what documentation you will need to provide to prove the sources of your inheritance money.